2001 performance by blues artist Topper Price (1952-2007) on the Alabama Public Television series, 4th & 23, recorded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Features Topper Price & the Upsetters: Topper Price – Vocals and Harmonica,
Jeff Adkins – Guitar,
Jesse Diego – Drums,
Don Tinsley – Bass, and
Jimmy Kincaid – Keyboard.SHOW ME NOW

A Nashville-based musician with a Midwestern upbringing, Griffin House spikes his pop/rock songwriting with a dose of rootsy, atmospheric Americana. His intelligent, heart-felt lyrics and sentimental melodies have brought great critical acclaim and he has toured with the likes of John Mellencamp and the Cranberries. SHOW ME NOW

In 1963, African-Americans in Birmingham, Alabama protested discrimination with daily demonstrations in public facilities and sit-ins at lunch counters. In the weeks that followed, there were more than 750 demonstrations in cities across the South resulting in more than 10,000 arrests.Those events in Birmingham sparked what some have called the movement that changed the world. SHOW ME NOW