Topper Price on 4th & 23rd

2001 performance by Topper Price (1952-2007) on the Alabama Public Television series, 4th & 23rd, recorded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

I found this in the archive and just had to share.

Topper Price & the Upsetters
Topper Price – Vocals, harmonica
Jeff Adkins – Guitar
Jesse Diego – Drums
Don Tinsley – Bass
Jimmy Kincaid – Keyboard

Producer/Director – Dwight Cammeron
Directors – Wendy Reed, Max Shores
Camera Operators – Crystal Edwards, Ricky Harmon, Addi Thorrison, Todd Wade, Wade Woodall
Audio – Tony Holt
Videotape – Kevin Clay
Engineers – David Baughn, Ron Hamner, Jim Jones
Graphics – Vincent Pruitt
Lighting Director – Keith Dobbins
Production Assistants – Michael Gehab, Anthony Jones, Angela McGee, Nicole Zito