Music Performance

2001 performance by blues artist Topper Price (1952-2007) on the Alabama Public Television series, 4th & 23, recorded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Features Topper Price & the Upsetters: Topper Price – Vocals and Harmonica,
Jeff Adkins – Guitar,
Jesse Diego – Drums,
Don Tinsley – Bass, and
Jimmy Kincaid – Keyboard.SHOW ME NOW

A Nashville-based musician with a Midwestern upbringing, Griffin House spikes his pop/rock songwriting with a dose of rootsy, atmospheric Americana. His intelligent, heart-felt lyrics and sentimental melodies have brought great critical acclaim and he has toured with the likes of John Mellencamp and the Cranberries. SHOW ME NOW

Stephen Kellogg has been performing as a solo artist or with his band, the Sixers, since 2002. A dynamic performer, his style combines the songwriting of Jim Croce with the showmanship of Jon Bon Jovi to create folk-rock classics with an Americana feel. Songs include “Gravity,” “Lost and Found,” “Crosses,” and “The Sleep of a Satisfied Man.”SHOW ME NOW

Meiko is an American singer-songwriter. A prolific writer, her songs have been used in many TV shows and films. She is a headliner at LA’s Hotel Cafe, ground zero for the new wave of young, folksy songwriters and she has been featured in late-night TV appearances on Conan O’Brien and Carson Daly. Songs include “Under My Bed,” and “Leave the Lights On.”SHOW ME NOW