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“Songs Inside The Box,” the cigar box guitar documentary was shown as a part of the 2017 New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Festival. The three-day event began on Thursday, January 19th with a special New Orleans premiere screening of the Max Shores documentary, preceded by an informative historical introduction and performance on vintage instruments by musician/folklorist Shane Speal, who is featured in the film.SHOW ME NOW

The University of Alabama Center for Public Television is collecting stories from local athletes and sports fans in cities across Alabama for a traveling Smithsonian exhibition. Participants share their stories in a recording booth known as The Box.Once the stories are recorded, they will become part of “Hometown Teams,” a Smithsonian Museum on Main Street traveling exhibition.SHOW ME NOW

In the 1950s Alabama educators dreamed of using the new medium of television to beam educational content to classrooms and homes across the state. The University of Alabama researched the possibility of creating TV stations, but found that the cost of producing programming and operating a station was prohibitive. By the mid-50s a coalition was formed which led to a statewide network. SHOW ME NOW