News About My Work (Page 2)

Over the past 20 years I have produced a variety of documentaries. I am extremely grateful to my employer for the opportunity to do so, and have often commented about how fortunate I felt to work in my dream job. The funding for new documentaries has dwindled in recent years, but some of my past documentaries continued to reach new audiences in 2011.SHOW ME NOW

“Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour,” a documentary from the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio, will be shown in Rome, Italy as a part of the 7th annual Mojo Station Blues Festival. The three day festival features performances by blues musicians and films on blues related subjects.SHOW ME NOW

Two documentaries produced by the University of Alabama will be screened in Paris, France during October, 2011. The documentaries, originally made for broadcast in Alabama, have both had an impact well beyond the boundaries of the state. “Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour” will screen as a part of the Raw Sounds Movie Club on October 17th.SHOW ME NOW