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Catherine Feeny is an indie-pop/folk singer-songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. She says she is trying to figure things out and takes her listeners with her on the quest. Although born and raised in Pennsylvania, she launched her career in Los Angeles where she immersed herself in the city’s folk scene, taking influence from artists like Gillian Welch. Her single “Mr. Blue” is featured here.SHOW ME NOW

onathan Vandenbroeck, better known by his stage name, Milow, is a Belgian singer-songwriter and one of the most successful indie musicians in Europe. You might find him in Europe performing to thousands of fans who sing along with his songs but he has just started building a following here in the U. S. Songs include “You Don’t Know,” and “She Might, She Might.” SHOW ME NOW

Over the past 20 years I have produced a variety of documentaries. I am extremely grateful to my employer for the opportunity to do so, and have often commented about how fortunate I felt to work in my dream job. The funding for new documentaries has dwindled in recent years, but some of my past documentaries continued to reach new audiences in 2011.SHOW ME NOW