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American Gospel Quartet Convention 2001

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The Amazing Story of Kudzu
There’s so much of this fast-growing vine in the Southeastern U.S., you might think it was a native plant. Actually, it has taken a lot of hard work to help kudzu spread so widely. Now that it covers over seven million acres of the deep South, many people consider it a pest, but kudzu is used in ways which might surprise you.
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The Chief: Calvin McGhee and the Forgotten Creeks
The Creek Indians of south Alabama lived in isolation and poverty until Calvin McGhee came along. Despite treaty promises, they had been abandoned by the federal government. A farmer with only a fifth grade education, McGhee fought tirelessly for his people. Through court battles and meetings with government officials in which he wore traditional plains Indian clothing, McGhee brought the forgotten Creeks of the southeastern states to national attention.
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The Ghosts of Selma
“History Lives in Selma,” says a local Chamber of Commerce brochure, and some folks there say they have seen people from Selma’s history come alive in the form of ghosts. Hear the stories of ruined banker John Parkman who opens doors at Sturdivant Hall; Miz Eliza, who greets guests at Grace Hall Bed and Breakfast; and Jeffery, who haunts Kathryn Tucker Windham, a Selma resident and author of ghost stories.
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Hill Country Troubadour
This film on Memphis musician Richard Johnston won Best Alabama Film and Best Documentary at the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival, Best of Show and Best Documentary at the Macon Film Festival, and Second Place Documentary at the Tupelo Film Festival. It has been shown at festivals and special screenings around the world.
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Holy Smoke over Birmingham
A mouth-watering survey of nine top barbecue restaurants in Birmingham, this documentary aired on Alabama Public Television in 2006 and was screened at the 2008 New York City Food Film Festival while New Yorkers dined on southern-style barbecued pork and chicken.
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How Sweet the Sound
Hard-driving rhythms and sweet harmonies from the ninth annual American Gospel Quartet Convention held in Birmingham during January of 2001.
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Miller’s Pottery — Turning For Generations
The Miller family has been making pottery in Alabama since the end of the Civil War. They supplied much-needed churns, jugs, and pots to customers of the past, and now their products appeal to collectors of folk art. Follow Eric Miller and his son Steve through the process of making Southern Stoneware, from digging the clay to firing the kiln in Brent, AL. Excerpts from this documentary are included in the Encyclopedia of Alabama.
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Scrambled Films
Follow three teams in the Sidewalk Scramble, a weekend film competition. All three teams we followed won awards for their short films! This documentary has been used as a training tool for several 48 hour film competitions across the US.
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Songs Inside The Box
This documentary based on the annual Alabama Cigar Box Guitar Festival was awarded Best Documentary from the Prometheus Film Festival, Honorable Mention from the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, Honorable Mention at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival as well as the Accolade Award of Merit.
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A Taste of Hog Heaven
Public TV viewers in Alabama were treated to a tour of some of Alabama’s finest BBQ restaurants in this documentary. I actually got to sample the food, but they had to settle for mouth-watering images when “A Taste of Hog Heaven” aired on Alabama Public TV.
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