Singer-songwriter Callaghan performs at the Red Cat Coffee House in Birmingham, Alabama, accompanied by Julia Sinclair as Johnathan Morris captures the performance on camera.

Afterhours: Live from the Red Cat Birmingham

The TV series, “Afterhours: Live from the Red Cat Birmingham” is broadcast on Alabama Public Television. Each weekly program features a nationally known singer-songwriter as they perform acoustic pop and folk music at the Red Cat Coffee House in Birmingham, Alabama, an intimate venue providing TV viewers a front row seat. The series was produced… Read more »

phenix city

Up From The Ashes: The Rebirth of Phenix City

PHENIX CITY–A public television documentary tells about the transformation of an Alabama city so wicked that Gen. George S. Patton threatened to roll his tanks across the river from Ft. Benning and destroy it. “Up From the Ashes: The Rebirth of Phenix City” shows how the National Guard crushed a crime syndicate here in 1954,… Read more »


Kerry Kennedy of Fire Horse Pottery

Kerry Kennedy is an artist in residence at the Kentuck Art Center in Northport, Alabama. Her studio operates under the name Fire Horse Pottery. Kerry and her husband participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. She has been specializing in… Read more »


Joe Rumore – UA Communication Hall of Fame

Joe Rumore was probably the biggest radio personality Alabama has ever known, and it seems likely there will never be another like him. Born and reared in Birmingham, at the family’s Southside home, and on their Huffman farm, Rumore seems to have been set on a career in radio from the very start. At age… Read more »

  • box horizontal cropped

    The Box Collects Stories for Smithsonian Exhibit

    The University of Alabama Center for Public Television is collecting stories from local athletes and sports fans in cities across Alabama for a traveling Smithsonian exhibition. Participants share their stories in a recording booth known as The Box. “It’s similar to a photo booth, and is equipped with high-tech video and sound recorders and offers… Read more »

  • Mulligan-Brothers

    The Mulligan Brothers – “Wait for Me”

    The Mulligan Brothers perform “Wait for Me” from their album, “Via Portland” at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Mulligan Brothers met playing in bars in Mobile, Alabama. Their name comes from a golfing term for a second chance. Band members include Ross Newell (lead vocals, guitar, and songwriting); Gram Rea… Read more »

  • Blackburn Short Video Graphic

    An Introduction to UA’s Blackburn Institute

    The Blackburn Institute is developing a network of leaders, the Blackburn Fellows, who have a clear understanding of the challenges that face the state of Alabama. The Institute provides the fellows opportunities to explore issues and identify strategic actions that will improve the quality of life for our state and nation. The Blackburn Institute is… Read more »