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Discovering Alabama: Quadricentennial

Currently In Production

Discovering Alabama: Quadricentennial will step off from the recent celebration of Alabama’s Bicentennial to probe the question “What will Alabama be like by the time of the state’s quadricentennial, 200 years from now. 

The program will focus primarily on the probability of escalating growth and population increase with resulting dramatic environmental change (loss of rural/natural lands, fragmented forest lands, shrinking wildlife habitat, declining biodiversity, impacted watersheds, diminished water quality, etc.) together with potential consequences for daily life in Alabama. (urban sprawl, traffic/crowding, vanishing open space, loss of sense of community/sense of place, increased pollution, stress, cost of living, etc.).  

The aim of the program will be to stimulate awareness and appreciation for Alabama’s presently abundant rural lands, water, and related biodiversity, and to promote public consideration and state attention to the importance of protecting these special qualities as Alabama experiences ever expanding growth and development. 

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