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There’s so much of this fast-growing vine in the Southeastern U.S., you might think it was a native plant. Actually, it took a lot of hard work to help kudzu spread so widely and now that it covers over seven million acres, there are a lot of people working hard to get rid of it! But kudzu is used in ways which might surprise you.SHOW ME NOW

Alabama Public Television viewers learned about some of the state’s most popular barbecue restaurants with the debut of the documentary, “A Taste of Hog Heaven” in November 2003. The film includes behind-the-scenes looks at barbecue restaurants with loyal followings across the state including Big Bob Gibson’s, Dreamland Bar-B-Que, Jim’s Pit BBQ on Highway 82, and more.SHOW ME NOW

Songs Inside The Box is a film that takes viewers to a concert of cigar box guitar music and introduces people who build and play cigar box guitars. Since the 1800s, craftsmen have been lovingly forming trash into treasure by making musical instruments from disposable cigar boxes. The Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza in Huntsville, Alabama brings enthusiasts from across the US together.SHOW ME NOW

Doors that open and close mysteriously. Lights that glow where there is no electric power. The sound of footsteps on a staircase when no one is there. All of these things can be experienced in Selma, Alabama. Is this city haunted? The city is filled with antebellum houses but some people have experienced things that cannot be explained by the settling of old structures.SHOW ME NOW