Boom Town

By all indications, Childersburg is, and always has been, a quiet little town. But that is not the case. During the 1940s Childersburg experienced explosive growth when the US Army decided to locate an ammunition plant there. Thousands of people from across the nation came to work on the massive construction project spreading over 13,500 acres.

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Early Map of Southeastern U.S.

In Search of De Soto’s Trail

Traces the march of the Spanish explorer through Alabama and the Gulf states and highlights the work of Alabama archaeologists in documenting the history of his explorations.

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American Gospel Quartet Convention 2001

How Sweet the Sound

Hard-driving rhythms and sweet harmonies from the ninth annual American Gospel Quartet Convention held in Birmingham, Alabama during January of 2001.

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Sweet Home Alabama - 19th century homes in Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

The nineteenth-century homes featured in this program stand as monuments to a forgotten way of life that shaped the way we live today.

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