afterhours-production-redcat-coffeehouseAfterhours: Live from the Red Cat Birmingham
I produced, directed, and edited a weekly TV series featuring acoustic folk and pop music recorded at the Red Cat Coffee House in Birmingham, Alabama. “Afterhours: Live from the Red Cat Birmingham” gives viewers a front row seat as nationally touring artists perform in an intimate venue.

Alabama Detours
I have produced several “Alabama Detours,” short documentaries which have been broadcast on WVUA 23.

Sucarnochee Revue
I also directed a weekly music series for Mississippi Public Broadcasting. “Sucarnochee Revue” was recorded on location in Meridian, Mississippi and Livingston, Alabama. It aired on Mississippi Public Television and Alabama Public Television.

Many of my documentaries were produced as part of a weekly series, “The Alabama Experience” which was broadcast on Alabama Public Television for nearly twenty years. I also mixed the sound for the long-running national public television series, “Martha’s Sewing Room.”

Through the years I have been involved in the broadcast of many live and prerecorded programs.