Let’s Get Started

This website was prepared for students who took the TCF 145 class taught by Max Shores at the University of Alabama during the Spring 2011 semester.

The web content has remained online as a resource for individuals seeking information about media production but the TCF 145 class has changed significantly and this content may no longer apply directly to the class as it presently exists.

TCF 145 is an introduction to Media Production. The class of twelve to sixteen students is divided into smaller groups of students who produce projects by working together. We will be shooting projects with Sony PD 170 cameras and editing on Final Cut Pro.

Projects will include:

  • Preparing a storyboard for a short action sequence and then shooting and editing the sequence
  • Writing a script for a short dialogue scene and then shooting and editing the scene
  • Writing a script for a 30 second commercial or public service announcement and then producing it
  • Writing a treatment for a 3 minute narrative film and then shooting and editing the film

Each student prepares the written assignments (storyboard & scripts), then each group chooses one script to produce.

The class is a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises. Students are graded on overall class participation, writing exercises, group production projects, and two major written tests.

Our textbook is “Video Production Handbook” (Fifth Edition) by Jim Owens and Gerald Millerson. Class will meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 3:30 in Reese Phifer Hall Room 130.