Sucarnochee Revue on APT IQ

Mississippi Chris Sharp and the Jangalang Band, regulars on Sucarnochee Revue

Mississippi Chris Sharp and the Jangalang Band, regulars on Sucarnochee Revue

Editor’s Note: Sorry folks! The Sucarnochee Revue TV series has ended its run on APT. Jacky Jack White is still putting together stage shows and there’s talk of more production for TV someday.

“Sucarnochee Revue,” a weekly TV series featuring music from the Black Belt region of Alabama and Mississippi now airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 on Alabama Public Television’s Family Learning Channel, APT IQ. Recorded before live audiences in Mississippi and Alabama, the series began airing on Mississippi Public Broadcasting some time ago. It is produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting with crew members from both Mississippi and Alabama, and I have had the honor of directing the programs.

The series name comes from the Sucarnochee Creek which winds through the east Mississippi and west Alabama area known for its rich, black soil. The Black Belt, or Black Prairie as it is also called, was the birthplace of country music legend Jimmie Rogers and blues music legend Howlin’ Wolf. Programs in the series feature music by current favorites from the area and beyond.

Jacky Jack White, a singer/songwriter from Livingston, Alabama is the force behind the series. White began putting together stage shows at the University of West Alabama in Livingston several years ago. The recorded shows grew into a popular radio series which airs on stations across the US and around the world. Stage shows in Meridian, Mississippi were added along the way and TV was just the natural next step. Mississippi Public Broadcasting began recording the shows in the fall of 2010 and the series hit the MPB airwaves a few months later. Now it has come to Alabama Public Television as well.

Regular performers on the series include:

Here’s a sample from “Sucarnochee Revue” featuring Mississippi Chris Sharp and the Jangalang Band:

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