Rachel Looney Corscadden – American Cancer Society of The Shoals 2016 Honoree

Rachel Looney Corscadden’s battle with cancer has lasted for several years but she has remained strong. Her inspiring story is told in this video which Preston Sullivan and I produced for the American Cancer Society of the Shoals Gift of Hope Gala in December 2016.

The Mulligan Brothers – “Cecilia” at the Dinah Washington Center

The Mulligan Brothers perform “Cecilia” from their album, “The Mulligan Brothers” at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Their name comes from a golfing term for a second chance. Band members include Ross Newell, Gram Rea, Ben Leininger and Greg DeLuca.

Alabama Detour: Birmingham Photographer Larry O. Gay

Photography is more than a hobby for Larry O. Gay. It’s a passion; the way he celebrates life. He works in a Birmingham, Alabama steel mill but in his spare time he hits the streets in search of interesting images. His lens captures the beauty in ordinary things that people pass by every day without noticing.

An Introduction to UA’s Blackburn Institute

The Blackburn Institute is developing a network of leaders, the Blackburn Fellows, who have a clear understanding of the challenges that face the state of Alabama. The Institute provides the fellows opportunities to explore issues and identify strategic actions that will improve the quality of life for our state and nation. The Blackburn Institute is… Read more »

  • UA College of Engineering Celebrates 175 Years

    This is a promotional video I produced for the UA College of Engineering. During the 2012-13 academic year, The University of Alabama celebrated 175 years of engineering education. In 1837, The University of Alabama Board of Trustees told the faculty that “the present state of our country calls for instruction in (engineering) from our university.”… Read more »

  • Barbecue Films Make Mouthwatering Public TV Treat

    Barbecue lovers are in for a real treat on Tuesday, July 30 when Alabama Public Television features two University of Alabama documentaries on Alabama barbecue restaurants. “A Taste of Hog Heaven” will air at 7:00 p.m. followed at 8:00 p.m. by “Holy Smoke over Birmingham.” “A Taste of Hog Heaven” takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes… Read more »

  • Bridges to the Past

    Alabama’s Covered Bridges Featured in Documentary – Wooden covered bridges played an important role in the development of Alabama by providing safe passage over creeks and rivers at locations where crossing in a horse-drawn wagon or buggy would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, hundreds of covered bridges… Read more »

  • The Amazing Story of Kudzu

    There’s so much of this fast-growing vine in the Southeastern U.S., you might think it was a native plant. Actually, it took a lot of hard work to help kudzu spread so widely. Now that it covers over seven million acres of the deep South, there are a lot of people working hard to get rid of it! But kudzu is used in ways which might surprise you.

  • A Taste of Hog Heaven

    Alabama Barbecue Restaurants Featured in Documentary – There are three religions in the South. On Saturdays, Southerners flock to football stadiums to cheer. On Sundays, they go to church to pray. But on any day of the week you can find Southerners engaged in the praise of good barbecue. Alabama Public Television viewers learned about… Read more »

  • Holy Smoke Over Birmingham

    Birmingham, Alabama Barbecue Restaurants Featured in Documentary – Drive anywhere in the Birmingham, Alabama area and you’ll smell it — The intoxicating aroma of pork smoking over a hickory fire. Birmingham loves barbecue. There are more barbecue restaurants per capita in Birmingham than most other cities. Many of them have long-standing reputations for unique recipes… Read more »