The Mulligan Brothers – “Cecilia” at the Dinah Washington Center

The Mulligan Brothers perform “Cecilia” from their album, “The Mulligan Brothers” at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Their name comes from a golfing term for a second chance. Band members include Ross Newell, Gram Rea, Ben Leininger and Greg DeLuca.

Alabama Detour: Birmingham Photographer Larry O. Gay

Photography is more than a hobby for Larry O. Gay. It’s a passion; the way he celebrates life. He works in a Birmingham, Alabama steel mill but in his spare time he hits the streets in search of interesting images. His lens captures the beauty in ordinary things that people pass by every day without noticing.

An Introduction to UA’s Blackburn Institute

The Blackburn Institute is developing a network of leaders, the Blackburn Fellows, who have a clear understanding of the challenges that face the state of Alabama. The Institute provides the fellows opportunities to explore issues and identify strategic actions that will improve the quality of life for our state and nation. The Blackburn Institute is… Read more »

  • UA Documentary to Screen in Rome

    “Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour,” a documentary from the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio, will be shown in Rome, Italy as a part of the 7th annual Mojo Station Blues Festival. The three day festival features performances by blues musicians and films on blues related subjects. The Mojo Station radio program… Read more »

  • UA Documentaries to Screen in Paris

    Two documentaries produced by the University of Alabama will be screened in Paris, France during October, 2011. The documentaries, originally made for broadcast in Alabama, have both had an impact well beyond the boundaries of the state. “Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour” will screen as a part of the Raw Sounds Movie Club on October… Read more »

  • "Songs Inside The Box" to Screen at Prometheus Film Festival

    “Songs Inside The Box,” the cigar box guitar documentary has been selected for screening at the Prometheus Film Festival of York, Pennsylvania. The festival will take place in the York Little Theatre on August 19th and 20th, one week before York will host the annual Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival. I’m very proud to have… Read more »

  • Kathryn Tucker Windham’s Death Marked the End of an Era

    For me, and most native Alabamians of my generation, Kathryn Tucker Windham was always there. I read her collections of ghost stories when I was a child. I heard her speak on various occasions and I saw her on TV many times through the years. Her stories made me smile as I listened to her… Read more »

  • "Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour" to Screen June 4th, 2011 at Alabama Cigar Box Guitar Festival

    “Richard Johnston: Hill Country Troubadour,” the award-winning documentary by Center for Public Television & Radio producer/director Max Shores, will be shown at the 7th Annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Huntsville, Alabama at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 4th. Shores will be in attendance and will answer questions after the screening. Presentation of this University… Read more »

  • "Boom Town" Chronicles Childersburg, AL WWII Growth

    By all indications, Childersburg is, and always has been, a quiet little town. But that is not the case. During the 1940s Childersburg experienced explosive growth when the US Army decided to locate an ammunition plant there. Thousands of people from across the nation came to work on the massive construction project spreading over 13,500 acres.