Watch Kudzu Documentary

In “The Amazing Story of Kudzu” you’ll learn about kudzu’s colorful past, present and future. Travel from Chipley, Florida — where Glen Arden Nursery sold kudzu plants through the mail in the 1920s — to Covington, Georgia — where Channing Cope crowned kudzu “king” in the 1940s.

Meet a 93 year old man who supervised Civilian Conservation Corps workers as they planted thousands of acres of kudzu during the Great Depression. See farmers who feed their livestock kudzu, cooks who create kudzu dishes, and artists who weave baskets and make paper from this hardy vine. You’ll meet others who see kudzu as a nuisance and join one man’s ten year long losing battle against one huge kudzu plant.

Ask any Southerner about this vine and they’ll have something to say about it. They may love it or hate it, but they can’t escape it!

“The Amazing Story of Kudzu” was originally broadcast on Alabama Public Television, as a part of the weekly series, The Alabama Experience. It was distributed to other Public TV stations nationwide in 1996.

The documentary was recorded at various locations in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina where kudzu has had its greatest impact.

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For more information: The Amazing Story of Kudzu.